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The hand-rolled edge is one of the Platonic forms of the well-made pocket square.

Yet American-made squares are almost completely bereft of hand-rolled edges. Kent Wang is about the only option I’ve found, and only some of his squares are American made.

Has our cultural memory evaporated? Are there really that few of us capable of sewing a hand-rolled edge on a pocket square? I tried it once, and yes, the results were resolutely amateurish. But by the time I reached the final edge, I could see myself, even with my stubby butcher’s hands, eventually getting the hang of it.

Despite my reservations, I decided to dip my toe into the waters of American made pocket squares, ordering one from Harrison Blake.  Established earlier this year, the company offers a number of products, including pocket squares, floral lapel pins, neckties and other accessories. The pocket squares, however, are the only items I could find on the website that were made in the USA.

I ordered the Doc Lobster square.

The “Doc Lobster”

First, the positives. The fabric is nice, a diagonal blue and white seersucker. The lobster motif adds just the right amount of whimsy.


But on the negative side of the ledger, the edging is clumsy and inelegant. Honestly, in terms of construction, it’s more napkin than pocket square.

The stitching is a mess
Pocket square? Napkin? You make the call.

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