Vera Bradley

A guest post from Frannie:

For me, Christmas came sporadically. Gifts arrived in the mail in and out of the holiday season, all of them wonderful. One package from my aunt and uncle especially caught my eye. My aunt skillfully picked out a fabulous green and pink paisley Vera Bradley bag, along with a few notebooks (of which I am oh so fond of). The bag just happened to be made in the good ol’ USA.

Sadly, in about 2011, the Vera Bradley company moved the majority of its manufacturing to third world countries, but a few gems still are made domestically. I have a few bags and small purses from Vera Bradley, and I’m proud to say that most were made in America.

This bag has many pockets and zippers that will come in handy. The quilted stitching is well-done and is a beautiful touch to the already intricate fabric print, which not only includes paisleys, but also some mandala-ish designs as well. Overall, this is a high-quality bag that I look forward to using in the future!




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