American Apparel, Part 2

Another post from Frannie:

American Apparel, as we’ve said before, has been notorious for their sexual advertisements and tendencies to over-expose the female form, but their clothes, paired with the right pieces, can be ever so flattering and funky. I recently purchased a crop-top (bear with me) to be matched with my secondhand wool skirts, which happen to be quite high-waisted. The sweater is quite fuzzy and comfortable, with long sleeves and a wide neck. Here’s what it looks like:



I’m also happy to report that American Apparel has a unique paying structure. Workers start out at minimum wage, and the more they produce, the more money they earn, up to $18 per hour. As far as I see it, American Apparel values their employees by giving them fair wages, decent benefits and good working conditions. The Los Angeles factory even has a nursing station and massage therapy services.

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