Sierra Trading Post

Most of our features on this blog have lauded those makers who produce goods in the United States.

But what about those companies who sell those goods?

One such place is Sierra Trading Post. The company got its start in 1986 with a 16-page catalog of hand-drawn merchandise. By 1998, it made its first web presence. Over time, it’s digital footprint has grown substantially. Today, it’s part of the collection of brands in TJX Companies, which also includes Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.

I’m not going to lie to you. Sierra Trading Post sells a lot of made in China goods. A lot. But it’s completely up front about that. In fact, every product is meticulously tagged with the appropriate country of origin.

Contrast that with companies like Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer and L.L. Bean who hide their goods produced outside the United States and Western Europe behind the generic (and cowardly) tag “imported.”

You have to admire Sierra Trading Post for bucking that trend with its honesty.

Still, Sierra Trading Post has a decent collection of made in the USA products and makes it easy to find them. Bills Khakis, Filson, Gitman Brothers, Faribault Woolen Mill and Hickey Freeman are some of the more prominent American made brands you’ll find for sale on the company’s website.

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