“I Make Things”

In an earlier post, we bemoaned the dearth of American made pocket squares with hand-rolled edges. Kent Wang has a few, but those are the exception.

And frankly, without a hand-rolled edge, a square of silk, linen, cotton or wool fabric is little more than a handkerchief. It’s that edge that makes a pocket square.

Being purely decorative, a pocket square calls to mind Carl Sandberg’s admonition, “Bring me only beautiful, useless things.”

About a month ago, I came upon a blog with the enticing title, “I Make Things.” The proprietor of said blog, Thomas Tkach, crafts by hand a few men’s accessories–ties and pocket squares prominent among those. Many employ fabric culled from other items (pocket squares from old scarves, for example).

I was fortunate to purchase three pocket squares (each with the aforementioned hand-rolled edge) from Thomas: a silk neat, a red madras and a multi-color seersucker. The madras and seersucker won’t see the light of day until spring arrives, but the silk neat will get immediate use.

A trio of American made pocket squares
A hand-rolled edge

It’s a true joy to find people like Thomas, hobbyists essentially, who keep alive the flame of individual craftsmanship, calling to mind that earlier age when much of what we wore was sewn in the home. While I sense that Thomas has no intention of making this talent his career, it would be a sad thing indeed if he denied the world his gifts.

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