Sam Hober

I’m about to make a pronouncement that may surprise the regular readers of this blog: the finest ties in the world are not made in the United States, although they used to be (more on that in a moment).

Nor, however, are they made in England or Italy.

No, my friends, the best ties in the world are made in the homonymically-appropriate Thailand.

I’m not talking about the mass produced garbage that we commonly associate with manufacturing in the developing world. I’m talking instead about a bespoke product.

The good folks at Sam Hober offer ties in a dizzying array of fabrics, with a broad range of options for length, width and construction. Like a thicker knot? They’ll vary the heft of the interlining to help you out. A tall gent who needs a longer tie? They’ve got you covered.

Originally Sam Hober ties were made in the United States. They moved, if I recall, for reasons of family and not, as you might expect, for financial expediency. Despite that relocation, the ties continue to be made to an impeccable standard.

The one featured here was made before the move, from a robust English silk. It’s easily one of my three or four favorite ties.





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