Eliza B

Every young lady needs a pair of navy flats. They’re the Swiss Army Knife of women’s shoes: functional yet stylish, versatile enough to be put into service in almost any non-athletic situation.

When Frannie’s navy flats finally gave up the ghost after two years of nearly weekly wear, we knew where to turn: Eliza B.


A Connecticut-based company specializing in ladies footwear, Eliza B is one of the few options out there for quality women’s shoes with made-in-the-USA bonafides.

Eliza B offers an almost limitless range of possibilities to customize its flats. Fabrics in solids, tartans, checks, stripes and prints. Leathers in patent and calf. A panoply of colors, both subdued and vibrant.

Given the vast landscape of options, it was almost a little disheartening to order what Randall Jarrell once called “dull null navy.”

However, when Frannie opened the box, it was obvious that they were the very antithesis of dull. Made with a bright navy fabric and patent detailing, they are a lovely pair of shoes.




I was particularly taken by Eliza B’s “mission” statement. Never mind that the company deliberately eschews calling it a mission.  It’s as eloquent a statement of corporate values as I’ve come across. And it’s a reminder of why we seek out products made on these shores, to ensure that the good people whose hard work crafts the things we wear are afforded the opportunity for a decent livelihood.

Just Madras: Part Two

After returning from sailing camp, Frannie had a package from Just Madras waiting for her. Here’s her take on one of the items, an American made, nautical themed cosmetic bag:

This bag was quite a wondrous sight to behold after a week of intensive sailing. When I got home from camp, It was a pleasant surprise to see the makeup bag I ordered on the pass-through. The bag had even more space than I had expected, and the red embroidered anchor was a nice touch to the navy and white striped fabric.


Inside, the bag was more spacious than it appeared. The gingham lining was a great addition to an already wonderful bag. Thank you again, Just Madras, for all of your preppy, American made goodness!