Manready Mercantile Redux

She fooled me.

Last weekend, my wife and I visited Manready Mercantile during the annual White Linen Night festivities. For those of you uninitiated in White Linen Night, it’s a street festival held on 19th Street in Houston’s Heights neighborhood. Its purpose? To promote the various merchants that populate that section of commercial Houston.

It was an amazing experience. As usual, Manready pulled out all the stops, showcasing its unparalleled commitment to American made goods.

I was excited to see that Manready had unveilled its own line of shirts. In the past, Manready’s clothing options had included collaborations with other makers, but nothing under its own label.

Now, for the first time, it offers American made shirts of its own design and provenance.

I had already slated to purchase one of the Taylor Stitch button downs Manready carries, so I mentally consigned the new shirts to the I-like-but-I’ll-buy-later bin. But my wife decided to try one of the shirts–a short sleeve in a Liberty of London type fabric–on boyfriend style. The result was spectacular, and I cajoled her into buying it.

Little did I know that she had different plans for the shirt. She believed, instinctively, that the shirt would work on me, so she let us purchase it under the subterfuge that it would be for her. But once we got home, she began suggesting that I try it on.

I can’t deny it. The shirt looks amazing, but that’s more a function of Manready’s design prowess than it is any innate attractiveness on my part.