Vetta Capsule

Versatility is a prized attribute. The best items in our wardrobe thrive in multiple contexts. It’s an oxford cloth button down shirt that can be worn both with a blazer and tie or with a pair of madras shorts. It’s a Shetland sweater that pairs equally well with jeans or a tweed sportscoat.

I remember once, in my younger days, seeing a television segment about a woman who advised people on maximizing the functionality of their wardrobes. Her ironclad rule was that every piece you buy should be combine-able with items you already own to create at least three different outfits.

Vetta Capsule has taken that idea to its logical extreme.

This New York-based company sells its wares in collections (capsules in the modern parlance). Each capsule contains five items, and every one of those items can be worn in several different ways. When combined, those five pieces produce 30 different outfits.

It’s an audacious idea–one designed to maximize versatility and minimize conspicuous consumption.

My wife considered a few of the capsules. But a couple of items in each were either not exactly to her liking or were redundant with other pieces she already owns. So she decided to start out with one of the shirts from the Casual Capsule (every piece Vetta Capsule sells can be purchased individually as well.).

It’s called the Boyfriend Shirt. With a nod to classic menswear, the shirt can be worn loose, knotted at the waist and even reversed. It’s made in New York City in a factory where many of the workers have been making clothes for the better part of three decades.

All of Vetta Capsule’s wares are made in the United States–with a commitment to minimizing fashion’s environmental impact. My wife’s shirt is made from Tencel, a fabric that comes from sustainably harvested wood pulp that’s processed, according to Vetta, “in a closed looped system that recycles solvents.”

We’re quite taken by what Vetta is striving to accomplish–fashion at the intersection of classic styling, versatility and environmental consciousness.