Criquet Shirts: In Memoriam

Another company, once a vigorous proponent of American manufacturing, has bitten the dust.

I don’t mean that Criquet Shirts has ceased operations.

By all indications, the company is still a going concern.

But its commitment to American manufacturing has now dipped below the horizon. A dark night, indeed.

Where once Criquet prospered on the strength of American made goods, it has now almost completely abdicated that commitment in favor of overseas production, principally in China. It was one of the best sources for American made pique polo shirts (the other being North Carolina’s High Cotton). Its long sleeve chamois shirts were a winter mainstay. And it offered a wide range of made in Texas button downs.

I always had a fond place in my heart for what Criquet was trying to do. I knew, of course, that not everything Criquet sold was made domestically. But their insouciant, casual iconoclasm (dosed with a liberal sprinkling of Austin wise-assery) resulted in some mighty fine pieces, several of which are foundational pieces in my wardrobe.

But now, none but a couple of legacy pieces is made on these shores. It’s all, of course, “Designed in Austin, Texas.” But American manufacturers need not apply.

This is happening far too often. And I refuse, any longer, to mince words.

This is shit.

Criquet, you have lost us. We won’t be back.

2 thoughts on “Criquet Shirts: In Memoriam”

    1. Sadly, I think most have gone the way of the dodo. Royal Apparel does offer an organic cotton version of the classic pique style that is American made. I haven’t tried it yet; once I do, I’ll be sure and report on it.

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