Tony Bonanno Sandals

A few years ago, we extolled the virtues of Palm Beach Sandals. At the time, that company was one of only two enterprises producing the classic resort sandal–the one popularized by Jackie Kennedy–in the United States.

Alas, they are no longer.

The only company remaining that can trace a direct line to the original sandals made for Jackie Kennedy is Tony Bonanno Sandals. Tony is a third generation sandal maker, grandson of the couple who made the first pair for Jackie Kennedy. A few years ago, he took over the family business from his father Stephen.

Palm Beach Sandals might object to this characterization, as it is still marketing a version of the sandal. However, I contend that one must make the sandals in the United States–as they were originally–to stake that claim. Otherwise you’re nothing more than a name doing a diminished legacy business.

In the same way I’ve been leaning hard on slip on shoes during the pandemic, my wife has been upping her sandal game. Here in the subtropics, a good pair of sandals is almost a year-round shoe.

So it made perfect sense to get her a pair of Tony Bonanno sandals for her birthday last month.

Yes, dear reader, these are everything we hoped they would be. They are impeccably constructed, beautiful in appearance and a perfect addition to a resort/summer wardrobe.

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